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Mains, Hydrants, Valves

The total length of the water mains in Moree Shire is approximately 335km.

Trunk Mains

These are normally large diameter mains that transfer water from the water treatment plant to the reservoir; or reservoir to reservoir. They do not normally have water connections on these mains.

Reticulation Mains

These mains supply water to the consumer. These are typically installed in road reserve and have service lines off them to each property. Residents need to be aware that these mains are fairly shallow (can be only 600mm cover) and any digging near the main should not be attempted without full investigation on the location. See Dial Before You Dig 

Fire Hydrants

You will see hydrants anywhere there are water mains. They are under lids that are painted yellow, marked with a ‘H’, and normally there is a yellow triangle marked somewhere nearby pointing to the hydrant as well as a blue delineator (cats eye) in the road or a post to mark the location. All of these markings are important to assist fire fighters to quickly find the nearest hydrant when required. Council routinely maintains the hydrants but residents can assist by ensuring hydrant lids are not covered and grass is removed from around them.

Stop Valves

Stop valves are also at frequent intervals on water mains. They look similar to hydrants with their lids painted white but have the marking SV on top of them. These valves are important for Council to be able to quickly isolate relatively small areas of water supply if a water leak or problem occurs. They too should be kept clear and visible.


Many property owners in Moree Plains have easements, utility pipes or pipe protection envelopes running through their properties. A pipe protection envelope is the area of unhindered space required to ensure safe access to a Moree Plains Shire Council water asset. Easements, utility pipes and pipe protection envelopes are protected by Government legislation (law) in recognition of the essential function water and sewerage services play in urban communities and the environment. Moree Plains Shire Council has a legislative obligation to protect these assets and to establish rules of how, when and where protection is required. The rules are intended to ensure that:

  • underground pipes are not damaged by the weight of buildings or landscape features (such as earth fill or retaining walls)
  • emergency and planned maintenance access is always available to buried pipes and related structures (such as tanks, manholes, pits, valves, meters and pumps). As a general rule, 1 metre clearance is required around all water and sewerage assets
  • homes, buildings and landscape structures are not undermined or damaged by burst water mains, sewer main collapse or by Moree Plains Shire Council maintenance and construction activities