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Moree Plains Shire Council introduced fluoride into the water supplies of Moree, Mungindi, Boggabilla and Pallamallawa in 2006.

The water already has a natural concentration of fluoride and Council adds fluorosilicic acid to meet the requirements of 1 milligram per litre (1 ppm). This is under the direction of the Department of Health (DoH) to protect against tooth decay.

Residents who do not wish to drink fluoridated water may consider drinking bottled water available through the supermarket. Our local plumbers can give advice on providing specialist filters or alternative water supplies.

Why is fluoridation used?

Water fluoridation has been found to be effective in preventing dental decay, even in the presence of other fluoride vehicles such as toothpaste with fluoride. The National Health and Medical Research Council has proven water fluoridation remains the most effective and socially equitable measure of achieving community-wide reduction in dental decay.

Is water fluoridation safe?

The National Health and Medical Research Council Water established that water fluoridation as a safe and effective public health procedure.