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Access to the Meter

Your meter may be inaccessible to Council’s Meter Reader because of a locked meter LINK TO SECURITY, gate or utilities cupboard; dog/s, an overgrown garden or construction work.

If we cannot gain access to your water meter, Council will leave a note to arrange access to obtain a water reading. LINK TO ACCURACY. If access to the meter cannot be gained on an ongoing basis, additional fees and charges may be applied to your account.

Alleged or Suspected Water Stealing

Theft of water and interference with Moree Plains Shire Council’s water infrastructure are serious offences which may attract substantial penalties, in accordance with the Local Government Act, 1993.

If you know of or think you know of anyone stealing water, either through water meter bypass or use of an unmetered standpipe, contact the Council’s General Manager with your suspicions – as stealing water costs all ratepayers.

Your report will be treated in confidence.

Contact Council to report your suspicions




Although most property owners don’t usually secure their water meters, you can have the meter fitted with a lockable meter which is installed and approved by Council.

Upgrade or Replacement of Meters

An upgrade or replacement of a meter, which falls outside of Moree Plains Shire Council’s standard meter replacement program, can be arranged at the applicant's cost - Fees and Charges 

You can also submit an request for a special water meter reading for conveyancing purposes.



Accuracy or Not Working

Moree Plains Shire Council is responsible for the water meter infrastructure up to and including the water meter. Water meters record the water used by a property. If you are connected to Council's water supply system you will have a water meter on your property, usually just inside the front boundary of your property. You’ll recognise it as a low metal pipe structure with a tap handle or lever at one end and a meter dial in the middle.

The property owner is responsible for maintenance of pipes and other water infrastructure on the "house" side of the meter so remember to keep your meter clear of garden debris and do not bury it as we need to have easy access to it. Each quarter, we bill you for the water usage.

Inaccurate Meter or Not Working

Council will replace inaccurate or faulty meters, at no cost to the owner if the meter is found to be defective, can no longer be reasonably maintained or is replaced as part of a meter replacement program.

Council will attempt to notify the property owner at the time of replacement and advise that a new meter has been installed.

If you believe your water meter is not accurately recording water use, a Council Officer can test this, however if no issue is found you may be charged.