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Was Your Water Bill Higher Than Expected

Understanding why bills are higher than expected is a process of elimination for the ratepayer.

Summer water bills are the highest of the year as householders are watering more to combat the heat and keep their lawns and gardens alive. In Moree Plains Shire we can experience low rainfall, high evaporation and consecutive days of extremely warm weather, so people tend to turn their hoses on more frequently. Many households tend to have guests come and stay, and children are home during the holidays so water usage increases with additional showers and heavier use of washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioning and pools.

Take the time to read your bill and look at your meter readings, billing days and your usage (not how much the bill was) and compare it to last year's bill of the same period. Is it the same or did you use more water?

Did you know, each financial year the water pricing rate increases to cover maintenance costs and replacement of the community's asset? Council also has a two tiered water pricing system – one price for the first 750 kilolitres; then once you exceed this consumption (per financial year), water is billed at a higher rate per kilolitre – so this can make a difference to the amount you pay.

Perhaps you have a leak?

You will need to investigate the issue further with a licensed plumber as any leak past the water meter is the homeowner's responsibility.