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Reducing the amount of water lost through operation of the water supply system is a key component of Council's Demand Management Strategy

Moree Plains Shire Council undertakes annual water audits of their supply operations, and by implementing programs to identify and contain inefficiencies. Such programs include leakage management, meter accuracy testing and enforcement against unauthorised consumption of water.

Losses in water operations occur in two distinctly different manners. Apparent losses occur due to customer meter inaccuracies, billing system data errors and unauthorised consumption. These losses cost utilities revenue and distort data on customer consumption patterns. Losses also occur as real losses or water that escapes the water distribution system, including leakage and storage overflows. These losses inflate the water utility’s production costs and stress water resources since they represent water that is extracted and treated, yet never reaches beneficial use.



Water Efficiency to Reduce Overall Residential and Non-Residential Water Use

A long term, sustained focus on using less water is central to living with less rainfall and becoming climate resilient.

Benefits of using less water:

It’s better for the environment. Using less water minimises the amount of groundwater we have to extract and our energy use associated treating this water and pumping.

It defers the costs of investing in new water sources and infrastructure and the price increases which come with this.

How does Council promote water efficiency?

  • Promote water-efficient devices in existing residential properties
  • Mandate the installation of water-efficient fittings and fixtures in all new developments
  • Require the installation of rainwater tanks in most new residential developments
  • Assist Moree Plains‚Äô highest commercial water users to use water more efficiently



Reducing the Amount of Unaccounted for Water

Water is a scarce resource, which makes water efficiency everyone's business.

Moree Plains Shire Council pursues a number of activities to improve water efficiency in Moree and villages. Such activities are guided by the Integrated Water Cycle Management (IWCM) Strategy. The Integrated Water Cycle Management (IWCM) Strategy is the strategic plan which guides and prioritises actions regarding Council’s management of the urban water supply, sewerage and stormwater systems.

In 2016, Council engaged consultants to conduct the eight-yearly review of the IWCM Strategy. This review includes a careful analysis of:

  • Current and future water catchment, water supply, sewerage and storm water issues;
  • Community and stakeholder priorities for water cycle management now and in the future;
  • Best-practice management guidelines relating to water cycle management;
  • Water related programs and studies already undertaken under the 2006 IWCM Strategy, and their success; and
  • Water cycle requirements for the next 30 years
    Identify and address avoidable leakage in the water supply system.
    • Better management of contractors who extract water from Council's mains through adoption of a new policy on the use of standpipes
    • Identify and address water theft
    • *Leak detection in the water supply network