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Annual Operational Budget

Before the start of each new financial year, the Council adopts an annual Operational Plan and Budget which sets out the activities to be undertaken by Council for that financial year.
The Operational Plan identifies the individual projects and activities that will be undertaken for the year to achieve the commitments made in the Delivery Program and includes the Capital Works Program, Budgets, Rates and Charges and Fees and Charges.
This Plan is monitored through quarterly performance and financial reports to Council.

You can download these documents below.

 Current Year  Operational Plan and Budget 2018/19
 2017/18  Operational Plan and Budget 2017/18
   Operational Plan and Quarterly Budget Review - Quarter 1 Report
   Operational Plan and Quarterly Budget Review - Quarter 2 Report
   Operational Plan and Quarterly Budget Review – Quarter 3 Report
   Operational Plan 2017-18 - Quarter 4 Report
 2016/17  Operational Plan and Budget 2016/17
   Quarterly Budget Review Statement – Quarter 1
   Operational Plan - Quarter 1 Report
   Quarterly Budget Review Statement - Quarter 2
   Quarterly Budget Review Statement - Quarter 3
   Quarterly Budget Review Statement - Quarter 4
2015/16  Operational Plan and Budget 2015/16
2014/15  Operational Plan and Budget 2014/15