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Tree Removal and Pruning

If you notice a tree or shrub on a footpath, nature strip or open space that needs to be pruned or removed because it is overgrown, dangerous, diseased or appears to be dying, please contact
Council to request an inspection.

Members of the public must seek Council approval prior to pruning or removal of public trees and shrubs. Removal of trees without Council consent could result in prosecution and fines up to $110,000.

If you wish to prune or remove a tree (which is not exempt) you must seek approval from Council before any work is started.

Reasons an application may be refused:

  • The tree provides an important habitat for animals
  • The tree is located along a creek
  • The landscape would be significantly affected if the tree was removed for example front boundaries, ridgelines or rural views

Council will consider the following criteria when assessing an application for tree pruning or removal:

  • Is the tree dangerous or diseased? Is this supported by an Arborist Report?
  • Will the mature size of the tree exceed the available space and/or will the way the tree grows become an issue?
  • Is the tree in an unsuitable or overcrowded situation?
  • Is there clear evidence of damage to utilities and/or services?
  • Is the tree causing illness or severe allergic reactions and can medical documentation be provided?
  • Is the tree interfering with the efficiency of an existing solar heating appliance? (In most cases thinning of the tree will be the preferred option)
  • Does Queensland Fruit Fly live in the tree?
  • Was the tree specifically grown for its edible fruit?