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The Road Ahead For Moree Plains Shire

It was a big night at last Thursday’s Council meeting, with Councillors endorsing a number of important strategic plans for the future of the Shire.

Under NSW Government legislation, following their election, every council is required to revisit the 10 Year Plan for its community’s future. Since their election last September, Councillors have endorsed a Community Engagement Strategy and over the course of the last few months, considered the thoughts, aspirations and sentiments of the Moree Plains Shire community.

This culminated in the endorsement of our new 10 Year Community Plan.

2027 Moree Plains - The Plan- Our Future LogoMayor Cr Katrina Humphries said, “As a community, it’s important for us to have a roadmap for our future. As with any journey, the starting point is just as important as the destination. We know what a great place Moree Plains Shire is today and the pride and passion we all feel in being part of this community. AND we want to make the most of it for now and for our future.”

“The 10 Year Community Plan has been shaped by so many contributions and conversations with community members; whether it be through our outreach activities at Jellicoe markets, through our Shire-wide survey, by participating in one of our community focus groups or industry meetings or being part of one of the other community engagement initiatives we have undertaken over the past few months.

“On behalf of my fellow Councillors, thank you for Speaking Up Moree Plains.

“We put a lot of time and effort into this process and it was pleasing to see some committed community members put in written submissions and attend last week’s Council meeting with ideas for the future. It’s a wonderful thing to see such enthusiasm for our great Shire,” said Mayor Humphries.

In addition to the 10 Year Community Plan, Councillors also set the direction for their term in local government in the 4 Year Delivery Program. The activities and projects which will be undertaken from 1 July were also adopted as part of the Operational Plan and Budget 2017-2018.

General Manager, Mr Lester Rodgers commented, “There has been a lot of work undertaken over the past 6 months to pull together the strategic direction for our Shire and the Council. It’s an exciting time – I am looking forward to working with our staff, Councillors and the community to deliver Moree Plains 2027 - Your Shire. The Plan. Our Future.”

Mr Rodgers went onto to say, “If you haven’t already picked up a copy of these documents, they are available from our website or any of our Customer Service Centres. I encourage all community members to take the time to read about our plans for Moree Plains’ future.”