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Moree Mobile Neighbourhood Watch

Mayor Katrina Humphries would like to inform the community that a second meeting of the Moree Men’s Group was held last night to discuss options that can be implemented in Moree to assist local Police and state agencies in dealing with local crime and anti-social behaviour.

The key sentiment shared by all attendees was that “the community must be vigilant but we don’t need anyone who wants to be a vigilante”.

This group is about the Moree community banding together for a common cause to say “Enough is Enough” - we are all tired of the motorbikes at night, the drugs in town, the theft, the break-ins, the burnt-out cars and we, as a community, must make changes.

It is about our community working together; not taking action to further divide us.

Over 20 people attended this meeting and after various options were canvassed, it was unanimously approved to form the Moree Mobile Neighbourhood Watch group.

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) is a community based, crime prevention organisation that aims to reduce localised crime and fear of crime. Since 1984, when the program was first introduced, the NSW Police Force has supported the NHW program in those communities that have demonstrated their ongoing support for it.

The local group aims to encourage individual and community participation in preventing and reducing property crime and improving personal safety.


Key objectives of the group will include:

1. To encourage community participation in the Moree Mobile Neighbourhood Watch group.

2. To encourage a higher level of household, business and personal safety and security amongst the Moree community.

3. To encourage crime prevention and work with the local community to reduce crime.

4. To encourage the Moree community to report crime and suspicious activity to Police.

5. To conduct community night patrols in Moree in an effort to prevent crime through being visible in the community and encouraging our young people to be off the streets and into safe environments for the night.


Neighbourhood Watch programs are not funded by the NSW Police Force, or any other government organisation. Instead, Neighbourhood Watch is resourced through fund-raising, sponsorships and grants and has at its core, dedicated volunteers in each local community.

Council has been informed that there will be plenty of opportunities for people to join and/or assist the local volunteer group into the future as the group establishes itself. Once the appropriate protocols have been completed for the group to be recognised as a Neighbourhood Watch group, contact details for the group’s administration will be provided publicly.

The first community night patrols are planned to start this week.