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Water Leak Detection Saves Thousands

A water leak detection program throughout Moree Plains has led to estimated water savings of 106 mega- litres per year – a win for the environment!

Moree Plains Shire Council engaged the services of Detection Services Pty Ltd to perform leak detection on water infrastructure across Moree and surrounding villages by testing water meters, hydrants, valves and associated fittings to assess the amount of water leaking in the water network.

Water Services Manager Roland Heatley explained the proactive water leak detection program has saved more than $160,000 of lost water, of which nearly half would have been borne by property owners.

“Of the 97 leaks identified, 52 were located on the residential side of the meter and we were able to notify the owners so they could make arrangements for repairs, so they wouldn’t end up with a huge water bills in the future.”

Council has also begun repairing the leaks to the publicly owned water infrastructure.

“Overall, we are pleased with the results of the water leak detection program – it shows the water network in the Shire is in better condition than expected and is operating relatively efficiently,” said Mr Heatley.

Council will commence forward planning to prioritise the maintenance schedule and replacement program for the Moree Plains water infrastructure.