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Book Review

Big Sky Library has welcomed the new Cooperative Library Manager, Cheryl Smith, Cheryl has over twenty years public library experience and has recently returned to NSW from Western Australia were she worked as a Library Manager near Busselton, WA.

Cheryl has commented that she is looking forward to being involved in the communities that make up Big Sky Libraries, to travel and spend time in the branches and to increase the collections, programs and overall activities.

When asked what she was presently reading, she commented that she has just finished the new Matthew Reilly – The Four Legendary Kingdoms, and has provided us with a book review.

The Four Legendary Kingdoms is the 4th in a series, it follows on from Book 1, Seven Ancient Wonders, Book 2, The Six sacred Stones, Book 3, The Five Greatest Warriors. The book is as usual well researched and along with all of Jack West Jr novels is fast passed with Jack being kidnapped and forced into the Great Games of Hydra where fifteen other men are the champions that have been selected along with Jack to fight to the death.

Throughout several challenges the winners are to acquire one of nine spheres of golden quartz that form part of an elaborate ceremony to save the extinction of the world. As the games commence Jack is informed that his daughter Lily and friend Alby have also been taken hostage and if Jack fails to win the competition they will die.

Jack meets up with other champions Sky Monster, Mother and ScareCrow to form an alliance to save the others and escape the games. As this is happening Stretch and Poo Bear are meeting with Jack’s mother, Mae Merriweather who have discovered where the games are being held and ride in for the rescue.