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Moree Plains Flood Study

The revised Moree Plains Flood Study is on public display for the community to review prior to a Public Meeting 28 February at 5.15pm in the Committee Room, Level one, Max Cnetre, Moree to discuss and elaborate on the results.

Following on from the previous Public Meeting in June 2016, Council’s consultant WRM Water + Environment have undertaken extensive modelling of the upstream catchment and reviewed the 1955 flood under today’s conditions. The modelling uses previous events to create computer models that can predict water depths and velocities and can be used to simulate larger flood events that the Moree Community has not yet experienced.

The modelling assists with emergency services planning and flood planning for development and building controls.

Council will be hosting a Public Meeting in the coming weeks, at which time our consultant will be able to demonstrate the model and take questions from the community.

Please open the Flood Study report and the corresponding graphs and maps. (Note there is no Draft B or C)





DRAFT Flood Study