Direct Flights - Black Soil Plains to Brisbane

Regional airline service Fly Corporate flew into Moree this morning on its maiden voyage – connecting the people of the black soil plains with Brisbane.

Representatives from Moree Plains Shire Council warmly greeted Fly Corporate on the first of its weekday commutes this morning between Narrabri via Moree to Brisbane.

Council’s General Manager Lester Rodgers said “Attracting and sustaining new air service is a community-wide issue for each and every one of us. This service provides opportunities for leisure, medical, business and industry representatives to interact here in our community and for us to conduct activities easily in Brisbane.”

CEO of Fly Corporate Andrew Major said the route will greatly enhance opportunities for business between Narrabri, Moree and Brisbane. “It will also help attract medical specialists to the region from the Brisbane area, enhance tourism opportunities and support families with children at school or university in Queensland. For people, particularly the elderly, who must travel to Brisbane for medical appointments – a 75-minute flight compared to a six-hour car trip is a huge convenience”.

“Currently the only options for travelling between Brisbane, Narrabri and Moree is a gruelling six-hour drive – making our approximately 75-minute flight time a highly desirable option that has long been on the radar,” Mr Major said. The route will be serviced each weekday, with prices starting at $149 one way, check out