60th Birthday for Big Sky Libraries

Diamond jubilee celebrations

Mayor Cr Katrina Humphries and State Librarian Dr Alex Byrne cut the 60th birthday cake last week to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Big Sky Libraries, a fantastic representation of local government partnerships.

The Moree Community Library provided the backdrop for the celebrations demonstrating that public libraries are one of the core foundations of democratic society.

"At any one time you will find people from all walks of life sharing the library space together," said the Mayor, "the library is a place to connect and engage with others whether it is new mothers at the Baby Bounce programs, school age children engaging in activities or retirees becoming Tech Savvy Seniors."

Representatives from each of the five branches – Moree, Mungindi, Walgett, Lightning Ridge and Brewarrina have worked together to deliver a modern library service that encompasses not only the traditional books but also online resources like the eMagazines, eBooks and eAudio.

State Librarian Dr Alex Byrne congratulated the member Councils - Moree Plains, Walgett and Brewarrina Shire saying libraries have always brought people together but in this time of information overload and technological advances it is the library and those people that work in it that will be the guiding force for the community in an age of online information.

Cooperative Library Manager of Big Sky Libraries Sally Walters said "Libraries are so much more than just books these days...yes we still have all of the traditional formats one would expect to find in a library but libraries are becoming one of the leading sources of modern technology. Libraries are the go-to-point for many in our community that don't have any other opportunity to access this type of technology," said Ms Walters.