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Pet Registry

From Monday 18 July 2016, the NSW public will be able to access a new public website known as the NSW Pet Registry.

What does this mean:

Approved Persons and Authorised Users will continue to:

. Access the NSW Companion Animals Register

. Process Permanent Identification forms from Veterinarians, Authorised Identifiers and the public;

. Process Change of Address form received;

. Assist the public during the transition phase.

Veterinarians will be able to:

. quickly and easily add their clients’ newly microchipped animals directly onto the Pet Registry;

. notify the Pet Registry if an animal is desexed, or if desexing of a clients’ animal is not recommended for medical reasons.

Authorised identifiers will be able to:

. quickly and easily add their clients’ newly microchipped animals directly onto the Pet Registry.

NSW Residents will be able to:

. Create a user profile online;

. Claim ownership of new animals on the Pet Registry and existing animals on the Companion Animals Register;

. Quickly and easily add their address details;

. Pay their animals registration online via Visa or MasterCard.

User guides, Frequently Asked Questions and updated guidelines will also be made available once the Pet Registry has been publicly launched.

With the commencement of operation of the Pet Registry, the 2016 CPI increases in registration fees for Companion Animal registrations will commence. This year’s CPI increases have been incorporated into the Companion Animals Amendment (Registration) Regulation 2016 which was published in the Government Gazette on 1 July 2016.

From 18 July 2016 the following fees applicable to Companion Animal registrations:

. Desexed animal: $53 (from $52)

. Non-desexed animal: $195 (from $192)

. Recognised Breeder: $53 (from $52)

. Animals purchased for eligible pound or shelter: $26.50 (from $26)

. Eligible Pensioner with desexed animal: $22 (from $21).

Both the old and new fee structures will be maintained on the Register to allow councils to correct registration details for existing records and catch up on data entry backlogs (ie: where fees have been receipted before 1 July 2016 but not entered on the Register).

The Pet Registry is being released to Authorised Identifiers, Veterinarians and councils/registration agents prior to the public launch to give critical users the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the Pet Registry.