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Moree on Track to Capitalise on Improved Freight Movements

Moree Plains Shire Council (“MPSC”) recently hosted a meeting of key local agriculture and transport industry leaders to provide a coordinated response to the NSW Regional Intermodal Taskforce. The meeting included representatives from grain handlers, road transport businesses and growers.

The meeting reached some clear positions on the need for all levels of government to develop integrated logistics policies that extend from the farm gate to port, and domestic agricultural product movements. A focus on reduced transport costs and better scale economies was seen as a key path forward.

A strong collaborative consensus was reached at the meeting, which resolved to establish the Moree Multi-Modal Transport Taskforce.

The Moree Multi-Modal Transport Taskforce will be an “open” forum focusing on the immediate tasks and issues related to the NSW Regional Intermodal Taskforce enquiry. The group has identified a number of actions which can be taken locally to improve freight efficiencies and lower costs.

Improved freight efficiencies will support existing industry and add to our region's ability to attract new investment and new business, leading to future economic diversification opportunities.

MPSC Director of Planning and Development, Mr Angus Witherby, said that “the meeting was very successful, and demonstrated a strong commitment to the future of Moree.

“This is about competition where this is appropriate and co-operation where this is needed to generate better economic outcomes for all the parties. In particular, there is a view that more effective use of the road/rail interface can be a key part of Moree’s transport future”, he said.