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Maintaining Moree Plains Shire’s Restricted Access Vehicle levels No impact to Moree Plains’ participation in Grain Harvest Management Scheme 2017

Across the Moree Plains Shire, Council has approved restricted vehicle access (RAV) on a number of local roads under its control. The current RAV access levels have resulted in fewer trucks on our Shire roads whilst improving road transport productivity for our agricultural industry.

The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) RAV Maps and Lists page provides the enforceable network for all RAV operating at General Mass Limits and Concessional Mass Limits in NSW shown as either a map and/or a list. The map and/or list can be found at

RMS is currently reviewing all intersections which have RAV approvals. RMS’s initial desktop review has identified a number of intersections off the Newell Highway which require further investigations.

We are currently working with RMS and property owners on local roads adjacent to these intersections to carry out these investigations and identify any works needed. This will allow RMS and Council to develop a priority list for further action and seek funding to carry out such works.

These investigations will have no impact on Moree Plains’ participation in the Grain Harvest Management Scheme this year.