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Emergency Exercises Staged At Moree Regional Airport

Earlier this month, the Moree Regional Airport (MRA) ran a mock emergency exercise to evaluate interagency response at the airport to a simulated aircraft crash, fire and injured passengers.

MRA Manager Fiona McClymont explained the aim of these exercises is to give the emergency procedures a work-out, testing roles and responsibilities, and making sure the airport and agencies are well-equipped to work together.

β€œIt is very hard to reflect a realistic emergency situation in an exercise situation but the Rural Fire Service were able to secure the loan of a small aircraft.

β€œThe Scouts, Girl Guides, Cubs and their parents enthusiastically played the part of the injured passengers and enjoyed being analysed for injuries and bandaged up by the NSW Ambulance staff who practiced their first aid skills and paperwork processes required for a disaster response.”  

The simulation involved the participation from Rural Fire Service and NSW Ambulance, NSW Police, NSW Fire and Rescue and NSW State Emergency Service who all used the opportunity to test their own responses. 

M&G Travel staff also play a key role in assisting the management of passengers and relatives, which is a critical component during any real life crisis.

The emergency exercise was photographed and an interagency debrief and evaluation was conducted.  The outcomes will form the basis of future emergency response planning for the Moree Regional Airport.

As a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requirement, field exercises are conducted every two (2) years to ensure that the airport staff and all external emergency services are prepared in the event of a real emergency. 

The exercise is required to focus on a response to the largest RPT service received at the airport, which is the Q300 series operated by Qantas.

Photograph:  Rural Fire Service and NSW Ambulance, NSW Police, NSW Fire and Rescue and NSW State Emergency Service all played a vital role in the emergency exercise staged at the Moree Regional Airport