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Moree Internet Project connects Agribusiness

The Moree Internet project is a key project under the Federal “Smart Communities” initiative. Focusing specifically on Agribusiness, the project seeks to connect producers, transport firms, service firms and support industries together in a fully integrated and seamless way.

With Moree poised to become an integral intermodal hub on the Inland Rail network, modern high speed communications will be a key element behind the Moree business community being “Inland Rail Ready”.

The project is being rolled out by ASX-listed company, Field Solutions Group facilitated by Moree Plains Shire Council. JustISP is the public face of the program, who provide the direct customer services.

Field Solutions Group Regional Project Director, Brian Ahern said “Moree is a fantastic opportunity to roll out dedicated, high speed internet technology to the farming sector. Using a combination of direct fibre and dedicated point to point wireless we can deliver speeds of from 100mb/sec up and down depending on the customer’s needs”.

A key element of the new services is all plans are data unlimited and the services provide, for the first time, high speed upload abilities. This is critical for emerging technologies such as “big data” mining for agricultural producers using input from drones through to effective video-conferencing such as Skype for Business. In addition, and this is a major boost for businesses, the cloud becomes a genuine option for backup and storage. A further benefit is to attract agricultural workers, who increasingly seek connectivity if they are to locate in regional areas.

It’s not all about business however.

The project will also facilitate stronger social networks between farmers, between families and between parents and children. Boarding school will no longer be so remote with facetime videoing, while the ability to telecommute by holding off-farm jobs while living on-farm will lessen both the daily commute to town while opening up a much wider range of job opportunities.

Moree Plains Shire Council is facilitating the project through access to infrastructure and is also looking to support and encourage better services for the community. Earlier this year, community members involved in focus group sessions identified “Keeping us Connected” as a key goal for the Shire over the coming decade, with particular emphasis on the affordability and access to high speed internet connections across the Shire.

Mayor, Councillor Katrina Humphries said “This is a great private sector initiative giving the people of the bush what they truly need and fully deserve – proper connections with each other and the rest of the world”.