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Next Stage for the Moree Memorial Hall

Last year, a number of grant fund opportunities were opened up for councils across NSW by the State Government.

One of these was the Regional Cultural Fund (the “Fund”), which was established to provide regional NSW with the opportunity to seek financial support for arts and cultural infrastructure and their associated recreational and educational benefits. The Fund will provide $100 million over four (4) years.

In August last year, Council submitted a grant application to the Fund for Stage 1 of the Moree Civic Precinct redevelopment.Moree Town Memorial Hall

Stage 1 of the proposed Moree Civic Precinct redevelopment relates to critical foundational upgrades and refurbishments, comprising:

  • Fire safety upgrades
  • Access upgrades for persons with a disability
  • Electrical works
  • Acoustic upgrades
  • Heating and cooling upgrades
  • Improved lighting
  • Potential floor works to shore up floor movements which have occurred over time
  • New lobby space and breezeway upgrades
  • New lift within the Moree Community Library to provide a compliant lift for persons with a disability
  • Painting and cosmetic repairs
  • General backbone infrastructure works.

Stage 1 of the project is valued at $2.34 million and Council has requested funding from the Fund in the order of $1 million, with the balance of funds to be contributed by Council.

Late last year, Council was notified that its funding application has advanced to the next stage of the process and has been formally invited to submit a final and more detailed application for consideration. This requires, amongst other things, lodgement of a development application in respect of the proposed works to enable the project to be “shovel ready”, should the funding application be successful.

Such application is due in early April 2018.

At its meeting last Thursday, Council resolved to prepare the more detailed funding application for the next stage of this process.