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Volunteers Make a Difference to the Environment

Eighteen bags of rubbish were collected from along the Mehi River from Dr Hollingsworth Bridge (Edward Street) under Dr Hunter Bridge (main town bridge) and towards to the Albert Street Bridge as part of Clean Up Australia Day last Sunday.

A small, but dedicated team of volunteers gathered over the weekend donning a pair of gloves, a hat and lending a hand in an effort to clean up the target area.

Council’s Environment and Compliance Assistant Elisha Bridge explained Clean Up Australia Day is one of the ways Council works with the community to make our public spaces rubbish-free and more appealing for everyone and I want to thank everyone for their efforts.

“We had around 18 people come to the community event to help clean along the Mehi River, skate-park and behind the Showgrounds.”

“It was a tremendous effort as each volunteer collected a full bag of rubbish.”

 Clean Up Australia Day 2018