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Cemetery Master Plan survey

Moree Plains Shire Council is preparing a Master Plan for the existing Moree Cemetery and the southern extension and members of the public are asked to provide their thoughts about the cemetery’s current use and development of the extension area through a survey.

Engineering Support Manager Fiona McClymont explained the comments from survey respondents will feed into the Moree Cemetery Master Plan being prepared by Gardner Wetherill & Associates.

“The concept for the Moree Cemetery Master Plan is intended to provide a community-relevant, attractive, peaceful and respectful facility for mourners and visitors.

“We are giving the public the opportunity to tell us how they feel about the existing Moree Cemetery and provide any suggestions for the new extension,” she said.

The proposed extension to the Moree Cemetery is a greenfield site located south of the existing cemetery, bounded by the Mehi River (to the site’s south), and rural residential developments (east and west) as indicated by the red boundary line.  The blue area is not a consideration in the Moree Cemetery Master Plan.

Members of the public are encouraged to complete the survey before it closes at Midnight on Monday 18 June 2018.