Drowning remains the leading cause of accidental death in young children in NSW. With over 300,000 backyard swimming pools in NSW and upwards of 500 swimming pools in the Shire, swimming pool safety is a vital issue that affects the whole community.

Many residents in the Moree Plains Shire have been ensuring that their pools are ready for the summer swimming season. It is a timely reminder to also ensure that your swimming pool meets the current safety requirements in order to prevent accidental drowning.

In NSW the Swimming Pools Act 1992 requires that all swimming pools have an appropriate child resistant barrier that restricts access between the residence and the swimming pool.

Of major concern are the inflatable and portable swimming pools which are becoming increasingly popular. One point that people may not realise is that any pool that is capable of being filled with water to a depth of 300mm or more, is subject to pool fencing laws. It is also important to know that pools that have capacity to hold 2,000L or greater require a Development Application to be lodged with Council.

Council’s compliance officers will be keeping a vigilant eye out for any inflatable pools which do not appear to be appropriately fenced. Penalties may apply for unfenced pools or for those pools which do not have the appropriate consent where required.

Further information on backyard swimming pools can be found at www.swimmingpoolregister.nsw.gov.au or visit our Moree Plains Shire Council offices and speak to one of our trained swimming pool inspectors.