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Hot, Dry Weather Leads to High Water Consumption for Moree Residents

Hot Dry Weather Leads to High Water Consumption for Moree ResidentsExtreme temperatures and minimal rainfall have led to Moree’s highest water consumption for the summer quarter, in the past five years.

The increased water usage from householders – trying to keep cool and ensure their gardens survive – has seen a considerable increase in many residents’ water readings for the third quarter.

Moree Plains Shire Council Acting Water Group Manager, Mr Roland Heatley urged residents to take this into consideration on receiving their next water account.

“Before making contact with Council regarding an increase in your bill please consider that Moree has registered very minimal rainfall over the last three months and whether this may have impacted on your domestic water use,” explained Mr Heatley.

“We also ask that residents check for leaks in and around the home and verify the reading on the water bill corresponds to the meter reading”.
Additionally, Mr Heatley has requested residents inspect household meters to ensure they are free from overgrown bushes, long grass or debris, and to consider adding clearing around the meter to your Autumn ‘to do’ list if it cannot see the light of day.

Mr Heatley said over 4700 water meters were read by his team this quarter, with many unable to take readings due to obstructed meters.

“We read household water meters every three months and overgrown bushes, hedges and long grass are the most common obstructions that can prevent us from taking a reading.

“To read your water meter, it needs to be unobstructed and accessible - with a clear space of at least 1 metre around the meter at all times - if it’s covered up by long grass or hedges, we can’t read it, it makes it difficult and unsafe for our water meter readers,” Mr Heatley explained.

Mr Heatley added that Council relied on resident’s cooperation in maintaining access to water meters to ensure accurate and timely meter readings and to make certain residents are billed correctly for their water use.
Moree Plains Shire resident third quarter water accounts will be delivered within the next week.