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Understanding your next water bill

As announced last month, Council is providing a one-off 50% rebate on residential water users’ bills for the fourth quarter 2019.

Council Water BillAll water meters have now been read and water users can expect to receive their water notices in the coming days.

To understand your Water Notice, if you are a residential water user:

  • Your water consumption is measured in kilolitres (KL).
  • Your water consumption for the fourth quarter (as determined by your water meter) is noted under Actual Consumption. In the example Water Notice overleaf, the Actual Consumption is 102KL (as denoted in the red circle).
  • To provide for the 50% rebate, the Actual Consumption number has been halved to produce the Billable Consumption. In the example Water Notice overleaf, the Billable Consumption is 51KL (as denoted in the green circle).
  • For the current financial year, Council has adopted a 3 tier pricing structure for water, with different charges applying depending on the amount of water consumed as set out below:


Charge per KL

Tier 1 (up to 750KL)


Tier 2 (751KL to 8,000KL)


Tier 3 (over 8,001KL)


  • The amount payable by you applies the above rates to your Billable Consumption. In the example Water Notice overleaf, this is set out in the Charge Details, with the Billable Consumption of 51KL being multiplied by the Tier 1 cost per kilolitre of $1.58 (as denoted in the blue circle).

The 50% rebate has therefore already been automatically applied on all residential water accounts with consumption during this time period. As such, water users should pay the full amount on their accounts as per usual.

The rebate was not applied to State and Federal Government owned properties, as resolved by Council.

If you have any questions in relation to your Water Notice, please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre (02) 6757 3222.

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