Biniguy Potable Water Project - Building the Reservoirs

As one of the final parts of the Biniguy Potable Water Project, two 60kl reservoirs have been constructed at Biniguy. The construction was no mean feat and makes for some impressive viewing!

Water will be piped 11.5km from the Pallamallawa Water Supply to these reservoirs, with a reticulation system installed throughout the village of Biniguy. The project will not only deliver a water supply for domestic use, but will also shore up the village’s fire-fighting abilities with hydrants installed throughout the village and a clean and reliable water supply provided to the Biniguy Rural Fire Station. This project will make a significant difference to the community of Biniguy, making residents’ lives a little easier and taking the stress out of property owners having to provide and maintain water infrastructure in drought times where water availability is at risk.

To watch the longer version of the construction