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Level Three Water Restrictions

Mungindi, Weemelah and Boggabilla

The ongoing dry conditions and lack of rain forecast in the near future have forced Moree Plains Shire Council to now impose Level Three water restrictions from Tuesday 1 October 2019 in the towns of Mungindi, Weemelah and Boggabilla.

Council has recently asked residents of the Moree Plains to be water conscious with the towns of Mungindi, Weemelah and Boggabilla currently on Level One water restrictions. Water levels and water consumption across all towns has been closely monitored, leading to Level Three restrictions to be enforced in Mungindi, Weemelah and Boggabilla shortly.

“With a dry Spring forecast, Council has decided that Level Three restrictions in these localities would be appropriate to ensure water supply is adequate if no significant rainfall is received over Summer,” explained Moree Plains Shire Council General Manager Lester Rodgers. 

“Council recently received formal advice from WaterNSW that there will be no further water releases to supply these towns until adequate rainfall has been received. Therefore, Council must be proactive to ensure water is managed efficiently over the coming seasons.

“Whilst Council has undertaken significant upgrades to water infrastructure in recent times, these severe conditions are unprecedented and appropriate action must be taken.”

Council has a Water Supply Schemes Drought Management Plan which prescribes the approach to adopting water restrictions. In accordance with this Plan, residents in Mungindi, Weemelah and Boggabilla should adhere to the following restrictions as of 1 October 2019:

  • Hand held hoses only when watering lawns and gardens. Watering may only take place between 5:00am - 9:00am and 7:00pm - 10:00pm. Buckets may be used at any time.
  • Paved and concrete surfaces are not to be washed down.
  • New pools can only be filled with Council permission. Pool covers are mandatory.
  • Car washing can only take place using a bucket with a trigger hose to rinse off the vehicle.
  • Only trigger hoses may be used whilst doing home extensions or landscaping.
  • Water can only be carted for domestic purposes.
  • Residents are encouraged to only clothes wash when they have a full load.
  • All fountains are to be turned off and not to be topped up except for safety reasons.

For Commercial and Industrial water users in Mungindi, Weemelah and Boggabilla, the following will apply:

  • Irrigation (Efficient User) consumption should be reduced by 40%.
  • Irrigation (Non Efficient User) consumption should be reduced by 40%.
  • Water can only be carted for domestic purposes.
  • Businesses must make greater endeavours to minimise water usage.
  • Cars may only be washed using a bucket.
  • Washing of commercial buildings and windows is discouraged.

These water restrictions will provide residents with clear guidelines on how they can reduce their water consumption.

Further details of these water restrictions can be found within the Water Supply Schemes Drought Management Plan.

If residents of these towns have any questions about these restrictions they are encouraged to contact Council directly.

“Council encourages residents to make further efforts to be water conscious above these imposed restrictions,” said Mr Rodgers. “Every little bit of water conservation helps in the long term and Council compliments the efforts made by residents so far.

“Again, residents across the Shire are urged to promptly report any leakages through its Customer Service Centre on (02) 6757 3222 even if it is after hours. The smallest water leak can cause a huge water loss if left unattended.”

Council will continue to monitor water levels across all towns closely and take further action if necessary to ensure water supply is preserved.