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Moree Health Services Hit New Video

Attracting and retaining experienced and skilled health professionals to work and live in rural areas is a long-standing challenge shared by many regional centres across Australia.

Whilst health services are not traditionally the domain of local government, Moree Plains Shire Council has recognised the importance of a reliable and well-staffed health service to our community and the overall liveability of the Moree Plains.

Council has collaborated with Hunter New England Health to launch a new promotional video showcasing health professionals and Moree newcomers Skye and Sam Mendel.

Council’s Acting Economic Development and Grants Manager Susannah Pearse noted that a high quality health service is a significant contributor to the liveability of the Moree Plains and is an important consideration for new enterprises seeking to invest in our Shire.

“We all know just how important our health service is; to function to its full capacity and meet the needs of all our community members, our health service must be adequately staffed by suitably trained and experienced professionals,” emphasised Mrs Pearse.

“There are very meaningful health careers west of the Great Dividing Range but even better, there is a genuine opportunity to become part of a wonderful community. The sense of belonging that a life in the Moree Plains brings is something very special.

“We are hoping that the enthusiasm of Skye and Sam captures the hearts and minds of other health professionals considering a rural move and more particularly, to the Moree Plains,” Mrs Pearse commented.

In the video, recent healthcare professional recruits Skye and Sam Mendel (a Clinicial Nurse Educator and Paramedic, respectively) share their experiences moving to and working in the Moree Plains.

Acute Health Service Manager from Hunter New England Health, Bronwyn Cosh confirms the great benefits of living and working in a rural community like Moree.

“New recruits in the health sector who relocate to Moree usually find they enjoy much more autonomy in their vocation here and their roles are far more diverse than they might have previously experienced. They also have great access to educational opportunities and can progress quickly into chosen disciplines,” Mrs Cosh explained.

“Outside of work, new recruits also find additional perks like affordable housing and the ability to own your own home, knowing your neighbours and quickly becoming active members of our community. The long stints in early morning traffic easily become a thing of the past.”

The new health video produced by local studio Rabbit Hop Films was launched on the Moree Plains Shire Council’s Facebook page on Tuesday, 11 February 2020 and will be used by Hunter New England Health to advertise positions available within the health sector in Moree Plains Shire. 

And it seems that Skye and Sam continue to embrace life in the Moree Plains, with the addition of new family member, baby Molly since the video was produced.