Tree damage Moree ShireFollowing the wild weather over the past few days, bear in mind, trees around the Shire (including on private property) may have been weakened and become unstable and can pose a risk to community members. Trees and branches may have been hit by lightning or affected by very strong winds during big storms. As Council and property owners assess the damage caused by recent storm activity, please be mindful of the risk of trees and branches falling.

Report any concerns to Council on (02) 6757 3222.

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Water Mains Cleaning

Moree Plains Shire Council undertakes regular water mains cleaning program to improve the reliability of supply and remove built up grit and natural films in the lines. Mains cleaning programs are common practice in the water industry to improve or maintain drinking water quality, guideline requirements and customer expectations; it also helps Council collect important system asset information.

To clean the mains, compressed air is introduced through the water mains via the fire hydrant, it mixes with a small amount of water creating a turbulent flow, which removes grit and the natural films that occur on the inside of pipe walls.