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Strata, Commercial, Business

Multiple Meters

All new strata units and multiple occupancy properties on single lots must have individual water meters. Council will assist owners whose water service connection does not comply with this requirement, by installing a complying connection at the property owner’s cost.

Meter Connection or Disconnection

You need to plan your connection to or disconnection from Council’s water services. There are fees involved and we need at least 14 day's notice.

If you want to connect a commercial development, it's a good idea to engage a hydraulic consultant. They can work out the best sized water connection and meter for your needs and design any pumps, tanks or wastewater equipment you need. You'll also need to assess the site to determine the backflow requirements.

Meter Relocation

Moree Plains Shire Council is responsible for the water meter infrastructure up to, and including, the water meter. Water meters record the water used by a property. If you are connected to Council's water supply system you will have a water meter on your property, usually just inside the front boundary of your property. If you live in a unit of large buildings the water meter may be found in the utilities cupboard on each floor, or at the front of the property in smaller buildings.

Meter Relocation

If requested, Council will relocate your water meter at your expense.