Bulky Waste Collections for the Moree Plains Shire

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Pre-Employment Checks

Some positions with Council will require a pre-employment clearance for Working with Children. These positions will be designated as child-related employment and all applicants will need to apply for an online 'Working with Children Check' as a component of the selection process.

Council relies on checks provided by NSW Office of the Children's Guardian and does not directly investigate an applicant’s history with regards to working with children. Applicants who fail the 'Working with Children Check' will be advised of outcome and encouraged to contact the NSW Office of the Children's Guardian.

No offer of employment will be made until the “Working with Children Check” clearance has been achieved.

Application Tutorial

How to apply for the NSW Working With Children Check

You Tube video courtesy NSW Kids Guardian

'How to Apply' instructions

Eligibility to work in Australia

Council has a legal obligation to ensure that all workers who are employed are checked to ensure that they are an Australian citizen (or have appropriate work entitlements).

An individual is eligible to work in Australia if they are:

  • an Australian citizen
  • an Australian permanent resident
  • a New Zealand citizen who entered Australia on a current New Zealand passport
  • a non-Australian citizen holding a valid visa with work entitlements (It is important to note that not all visas allow people to work in Australia)

Under the legislation it is not sufficient to simply ask a person if they are an Australian citizen. Therefore you will be required to provide evidence of your eligibility to work in Australia upon employment. Uploading evidence to your online application/profile is not required, but will ensure your eligibility can be assessed as quickly as possible. Your evidence of eligibility must be one of:

  • A full Australian Birth Certificate
  • An Australian Citizenship Certificate
  • An Australian Passport
  • A valid visa permitting you to work for the duration of the position

Click here for further information

Unique Student Identifier

Obtaining a Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a condition of employment and must be created prior to commencement at Council. Once you have created a USI you will have secure access to your training records online.

As an employee of Council, you will be undertaking various types from training including statutory, competency, educational and various other nationally recognised training, and it will be your responsibility to produce your USI each time you attend recognised training.

To read the Unique Student Identifier Student Terms and Conditions

Reference Checking

Reference checking will be undertaken if you are short-listed as one of the preferred applicants. It allows Council to obtain independent information about the applicant’s previous on-the-job performance. The information we gather during a reference check is directly related to the key selection criteria of the role the applicant has applied for and allows the selection panel to validate the information provided by the person at the interview.

As part of your resume, you should include two referees who we can contact to discuss your personal or work history, which ideally one should be a supervisor from a previous role. You can also list a colleague, a person you have worked closely on a project (professionally or as a volunteer), a teacher or school principal, customer or client. You cannot use Elected Members (Councillors) as referees or references, or canvass them for jobs.