Bulky Waste Collections for the Moree Plains Shire

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Pre-Employment Health Screening

A pre-employment health screening is a condition of employment and is used to certify that the successful applicant is medically fit to carry out the relevant duties of the position prior to appointment.

Council completes job-matched pre-employment screenings to ensure you are able to carry out the inherent requirements of the position without placing your health and safety at risk. Council also uses job-matched screenings to ensure that discrimination in recruitment does not occur based on irrelevant health factors.

If you have pre-existing injuries or illnesses Council will take all reasonable steps to accommodate these through modifications to the position, work routine or the work environment. Only when it is not reasonably possible to accommodate your needs will your appointment to Council be refused due to a health screening result.

All applicants for Council positions are required to attend a pre-employment health screening (at Council's expense) prior to an offer of employment being confirmed. This screening is completed via medical professionals engaged in a local clinic which occurs in three week cycles. You will be advised if selected for a position to attend the next available clinic.

No offer of employment will be made until medical clearance has been achieved. 

Drug and Alcohol

Successful applicants will be subject to a breath test for the presence of alcohol and a urine drug test. If you have a positive alcohol breath test or a non-negative drug test result the Screening Agent will contact Council to review the result and the urine test may be forwarded to a Lab for confirmation. Depending on the result Council may decline to offer you employment.

Testable Drugs are:

  • Methamphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Morphine

Testable drugs can include prescription and over-the-counter medication. Limits as established in “AS/NZS 4308:2008 - Procedures for specimen collection and the detection and quantitation of drug abuse in urine” Australian Standard - Drug Sheet

Hearing Assessment

Some positions with Council will require a pre-employment audiometry assessment. These positions will be ones where working in a noisy environment will be a part of normal duties. Applicants should be aware that Council will notify you if audiometric results indicate a hearing impairment and we will work with you to examine your previous work history and identify the source of this impairment prior to appointment. Hearing assessments for positions in noisy environments are a mandatory requirement of Council.


Some positions with Council will require pre-employment blood tests or immunisation. These are positions where the risk of infection is heightened due to the tasks required by the employee. Applicants must be aware of these mandatory requirements and if you have any concerns regarding these matters it needs to be raised at interview or prior to accepting employment with Council.