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What to expect at the interview

The job interview is a method used to assess your suitability for the job. Usually, several persons are interviewed for the same job. In order to be able to show the selection panel that you are the one best suited for the job, you need to be prepared both physically and mentally.

The Selection Panel

The selection panel normally consist of a minimum of three representatives being:

  • The Director/Manager and/or their nominee to whom you will report (the convener)
  • An employee from outside the Section/Area where the vacancy exists (the independent). This employee will normally hold a similar grade or level of responsibility as the position which is being recruited
  • A Human Resources representative (either a Human Resources Officer or Group Coordinator)

Notwithstanding the above representatives – we try to ensure a cross section of genders, cultural diversity or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent on the selection panel.


To ensure a fair and consistent approach, all applicants are asked the same set of predetermined questions based upon the selection criteria. Each applicant is also given the same opportunity to emphasise any additional strengths, experience and/or skills which will strengthen their case and to ask questions of the members of the selection panel.

The Interview

Meeting the Panel

Greet each person with a firm handshake and a smile, and a simple greeting, such as “Nice to meet you.”

Assessing your knowledge, abilities and personal suitability

The selection panel members will ask you questions. After listening to each question, take a few seconds to organise your thoughts, think before you speak, ask the interviewer for clarification if you don’t understand a particular question. Answer concisely and provide specific examples whenever necessary. Use body language to communicate your interest and enthusiasm about the position.

During the interview, the selection panel will be taking notes on your responses and may ask follow-up questions if your answers are too vague or multiple questions about important aspects of the position. It’s important to remember to be as specific as possible. Describe a particular situation, your solution, and the outcome.

Verifying documentation

You will be asked to produce original certificates (or certified copies) of licences, qualifications, Working with Children checks and any other documents you lay claim to in your resume. You may be asked to show samples of your work. You will need proof of your eligibility to work in Australia. Falsely claiming qualifications will lead to instant dismissal (should you be appointed to the position) and/or prosecution for any relevant offence.

Opportunities for you to ask questions

Interviews are a two-way street - the selection panel decides whether you’re what they want in an employee, and you decide if the organisation's culture and the specific role are where you want to devote your time and energy for the foreseeable future.

Practical assessments

You may also participate in a set of exercises/tests that will demonstrate your abilities for the role such as keyboarding, accounting principles or writing a letter. All candidates for the same role will go through the same testing process.