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Scheduled Works

Works Report Thursday, 16 August 2018

   Location                                                         |         Work Details  


General Town Maintenance
Kerb Works – Chester & Tawarri Streets
Watering of Trees & verges
Mowing & Whipper snipping verges
Tree maintenance – heavy pruning in various areas
New Pit & Pipes – Thompson Avenue
Concrete Grind Trip hazards footpaths & Schools

   Construction Projects (RTA Road maintenance)

SH 12 – Rest area Maintenance
SH 12, 17 & 28 – Pothole & edge repairs
SH 17 – Bypass Maintenance
SH 28 – Carole Creek Rehab

   Unsealed Road Network (Maintenance Grading)

SR 193 – Maintenance
SR102 – Maintenance
Paramellowa Street Pallamallawa
SR166 - Maintenance

   Sealed Road Network (Pot hole, Heavy Patching & Resealing)

Pot hole repairs various shire & Regional roads and Urban street’s
Shoulder Grading MR 232 Boonangar Road
Edge break repairs MR 507 Carrigan Road
Reseal preparations MR 507 Carrigan Road seg’s 210 - 230
Crack Sealing various roads by Jet Patches
Centre and fog line marking SR 101 Terry Hie Hie Road & SR 111 Melburra Road
Pot hole repairs and crack sealing as required various shire & regional roads & Urban street s by 2x Jet Patchers
Shoulder Grading MR 232 Boonangar Road
Railway Parade Garah Rehabilitation of shoulders by Sealed Roads Crew
Reseal preparations MR 507 Carrigan Road seg’s 090 - 230
Reseal preparations MR 7705 North Star Road Seg 020
If wet Sealed Roads Staff to Sign & guide post maintenance and drain water from bitumen various shire roads,
Remarking segments Various Shire & Regional Roads

   Parks and Open Space Network (CBD Gardens, Parks and Ovals, Villages)

Mowing, snipping and weed spraying of parks, ovals, entrances, Gateway and Villages.
Cleaning and/or maintenance of CBD, irrigation, parks, gardens, playgrounds and town furniture.
Graffiti removal and litter collection.
General town maintenance.
Line marking for soccer, union and junior league gala days and finals.
Installation of new bin stands and fence maintenance at Ron Harborne.
Tree trimming behind the Skate Park and near the weir.



General town maintenance
litter collection
Mow Oval (clover).
Pot Holes MR507, MR462, MR 7705 and town streets.
Cemetery Maintenance of lawn cemetery and grave subsidence.
Tree care at new River Pumps.

   Flood Damage