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Landfill and Waste Services during the Christmas and New Years Holiday.

Rubbish BinKerbside wheelie bin collections will operate as per the normal schedule -
residents whose collection day is WEDNESDAY, will have their bins collected up to two hours earlier during the festive period, so residents will need to make sure bins are put out the night before.


 Moree Landfill

 Villages Landfill

Wednesday 25 December 2019
Christmas Day - Public Holiday
 Closed  All landfills closed
Thursday 26 December 2019
Boxing Day - Public Holiday
 9am - 1pm  Mungindi - Closed
Friday 27 December 2019  7.15am - 4.15pm  All landfills closed
Saturday 28 December 2019  7.15am - 4.15pm  Mungindi      9am - 11am
 Boggabilla    1pm - 4pm
 Gurley          2pm - 4pm
 Terry Hie Hie 9am - 11am
Sunday 29 December 2019  7.15am - 4.15pm  Mungindi                        9am -11am
 Biniguy & Garah            10am -12pm
 Boomi & Pallamallawa    1pm - 4pm
Monday 30 December 2019  7.15am - 4.15pm  Mungindi        8am - 9:30am
Tuesday 31 December 2019  7.15am - 4.15pm  Mungindi        3pm - 4:30pm
 Boggabilla      1pm - 4pm
Wednesday 1 January 2020
New Year’s Day Public Holiday
 Closed  All landfills closed
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Mulch, Compost and Household General Waste

Compost vs Mulch

Compost is always covered by mulch - never the other way around!

Compost is decomposed organic matter and it belongs in the soil to hold moisture, keep the soil aerated to give it structure. It's also vital to microbial activity.  You can order compost through the Waste Hotline on 1300 736 719 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mulch goes on top and is never dug into the soil. It's coarse, it's free-draining, and its job is to keep moisture in the soil, smother weeds and to finish off the surface of a garden bed. Moree Plains Shire Council offers free mulch to all residents in an effort to encourage sustainability.  Householders can collect as much mulch as they want from the Moree Waste Management Facility.


In an effort to combat illegal dumping and inspire environmental thinking, residents in Moree will now be able to dispose of domestic waste free of charge at the Moree Waste Management Facility.  Loads need to be sorted into recycling, green waste or general waste.  There is also various drop off points to boost recycling of chemical containers, white goods, tyres, wood, metals, green waste/organics, e-waste, motor oil and batteries.