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Landfill and Waste Services during the Christmas and New Years Holiday.

Rubbish BinKerbside wheelie bin collections will operate as per the normal schedule -
residents whose collection day is WEDNESDAY, will have their bins collected up to two hours earlier during the festive period, so residents will need to make sure bins are put out the night before.


 Moree Landfill

 Villages Landfill

Wednesday 25 December 2019
Christmas Day - Public Holiday
 Closed  All landfills closed
Thursday 26 December 2019
Boxing Day - Public Holiday
 9am - 1pm  Mungindi - Closed
Friday 27 December 2019  7.15am - 4.15pm  All landfills closed
Saturday 28 December 2019  7.15am - 4.15pm  Mungindi      9am - 11am
 Boggabilla    1pm - 4pm
 Gurley          2pm - 4pm
 Terry Hie Hie 9am - 11am
Sunday 29 December 2019  7.15am - 4.15pm  Mungindi                        9am -11am
 Biniguy & Garah            10am -12pm
 Boomi & Pallamallawa    1pm - 4pm
Monday 30 December 2019  7.15am - 4.15pm  Mungindi        8am - 9:30am
Tuesday 31 December 2019  7.15am - 4.15pm  Mungindi        3pm - 4:30pm
 Boggabilla      1pm - 4pm
Wednesday 1 January 2020
New Year’s Day Public Holiday
 Closed  All landfills closed
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Become an Environmental Crusader

Illegal dumping is the unlawful deposit of waste larger than litter on both public and private land and includes using waste as fill material without the appropriate approvals. Illegal dumping ranges from small bags of rubbish in urban areas to large scale dumping of waste material in isolated bushland.

Moree Plains Shire Council is calling on the public to help stop the illegal dumping of rubbish on private and public land. Illegal dumping degrades the environment, risks public health and the community pays a high cost to clean it up.

Council has spent thousands of ratepayer dollars investigating and removing illegally dumped materials from the perimeter of landfills, road sides, river banks and open spaces and is keen to catch offenders and penalise them.

We are looking for more ‚Äėenvironmental crusaders‚Äô who are willing to come forward and report people who are dumping illegally.

Reporting illegal dumping can be done anonymously but it is important that as much information is relayed to Council so the matter can be investigated.

We need to know where and when the dumping took place, type of vehicle and registration and photographs are of great assistance

Illegal dumping can have adverse effects on native flora and fauna, as well as encouraging vermin, introducing weed species, contaminating land and local waterways, and posing health risks and fire hazards to the community.

With the help of ‚Äėenvironmental crusaders‚Äô, Moree Plains Shire Council has issued penalty infringement notices to illegal dumpers under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act, 1997.

Fines for individuals have ranged from $750 - $1500 and businesses that illegally dumped have been fined between $1500 - $5000.

Council has and will continue to issue clean-up notices, and on-the-spot fines and where necessary prosecute offenders in the Land and Environment Court.

Please be aware that known hotspots may be subject to surveillance.

RID Report Illegal Dumping 131555

Report illegal dumping to:

  • Visit RIDonline with your smart phone, tablet or computer and upload a picture of the dumped waste
  • Provide the address of the incident using the GPS on your device or select the location on the provided map
  • Describe the type of the dumped waste
  • Submit your report

RIDonline is a database used by councils and government agencies across NSW to record and manage illegal dumping incidents. When you report via RIDonline, Council will be sent an email alert about the incident so they can respond. To follow up on a report, please call Council (02) 6757 3222.
Alternatively you may contact Moree Plains Shire Council directly to report illegal dumping incidents.

Report illegal dumping to:

Moree Plains Shire Council - (02) 6757 3222
RID online via the website or download the App