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How we choose the best person for the job

To choose the best person for the job, Council uses merit based selection when recruiting staff. This means for all positions Council will set an essential criteria for a position and applicants must address and meet this criteria in order to gain an interview. On occasions when there are too many applicants meeting the essential criteria the desirable criteria will be used to further shortlist applications. This is why all applicants are advised to ensure they have addressed all the listed criteria in their applications.

Merit based selection requires Council to select the “best applicant” for the position based on their application, interview, checking of relevant experience and previous work performance, and relevant qualifications and matched against the inherent requirements of the position. This selection is made under Equal Employment Opportunity

For further information about anti-discrimination and equal employment opportunity

The job interview is a method used to assess your suitability for the job. Usually, several persons are interviewed for the same job. In order to be able to show the selection panel you are the one best suited for the job, you need to be prepared both physically and mentally. At the completion of the interview, each member of the selection panel independently rates the applicant based on the evaluation system as set out below:

  • Could not answer the question
  • Attempted to answer the question but failed to address key points
  • Provided a satisfactory answer. Included key points. Could not expand beyond a basic understanding
  • Provided a more than satisfactory answer. Included both key points and advanced understanding. Good examples provided
  • Provided an answer that showed a high conceptual level of understanding including how this issue links with other relevant issues of the position. Included either good examples or the ability to think through the question and provide an outcome if an example was unavailable. Reflection and learning from past experiences was apparent
  • Where a particular skill/knowledge is an essential requirement of the position and a practice assessment is conducted, the results of the assessment will form part of the evaluation