Works Report 

   Location                                                         |         Work Details  


General town maintenance
Mowing, whipper snipping, weeds –verges, traffic islands and blisters
Victoria Terrace – new footpath construction, guard rails, no stopping signage
Tree trimming various streets
Stormwater drainage maintenance
High pressure vacuum cleaning various pits and pipes
Signs maintenance
Pothole patching various streets
Litter collection – parks, ovals, cemetery, Works Depot, Gum Flat, town verges and car parks

   Construction Projects (RTA Road maintenance)

Asset Inspections – SH12 Gwydir Highway, SH17 Newell Highway & SH28 Carnarvon Highway
Flood damage – SH28 Carnarvon Highway
Pothole, edge & signage repairs, bridge whipper snipping – SH12 Gwydir Highway and SH28 Carnarvon Highway
Rest area maintenance and slashing – SH12 Gwydir Highway
Bypass maintenance – SH17 Newell Highway
Reseal – Sh12 Gwydir Highway, SH17 Newell Highway

   Unsealed Road Network (Maintenance Grading)

Graders: SR1 Watercourse Road, SR3 Goonal Road, SR9 Bronte Road, SR10 Baroona Road, SR24 Sandholes Road, SR102 Dolgelly Road, SR114 Willaroo Road, SR121 Letterbox Road, SR123 Limebon Road, SR162 Toenda Bus Road
Construction – SR108 Burrington Road
Loader: Collymongle Pit
Excavators: Milton Park Pit, Mungindi Pit, Epsom Pit

   Sealed Road Network (Pot hole, Heavy Patching & Resealing)

Pothole repairs – MR232 Boonangar Road, MR464 Bruxner Way, MR507 Carrigan Road, various shire roads and town streets
Shire road inspections and sign maintenance - various roads
Causeway upgrade – SR134 Mount Jerrybang Road
Silt removal – SR110 Berrigal Creek Road
Slashing / vegetation control – various shire roads including MR232 Boonangar Road, SR131 Croppa Moree Road, SR11 Gingham Road, SR12 Talmoi Road,
SR120 Rosedale Road

   Parks and Open Space Network (CBD Gardens, Parks and Ovals, Villages)

Parks: Mowing, whipper- snip, weed spraying, irrigation repairs, playground equipment inspections, chemical spraying spiders
Ovals: Mowing, whipper- snipping, sports line marking, watering
Main Street CBD: Graffiti removal, footpath cleaning, litter collection, mini scrubber, blowdown, garden maintenance, furniture repairs, irrigation repairs
Entrances: Mowing, slashing, dead tree removal, stormwater drainage clean-up
Villages: Contract mowing inspections, mowing, snipping, spraying, playground equipment inspections, chemical spraying spiders


Road: Maintenance Grade – SR 15 Morialta Road, SR 1 Watercourse Road, 
Urban: General town maintenance, litter collection, Kerb & Gutter cleaning
Mowing and whipper snipping the streets
Weekly wash and clean Mungindi, Boomi and Weemelah playground and toilets
Parks & Open spaces: Mowing of parks, cemetery, oval and pool irrigation maintenance 



   Flood and Infrastructure Grants 

Flood damage – SR4 Mallawa Road, SR7 Poison Gate Road, SR104 Foxes Lane
Bridge approach sealing – various roads
Roads to Recovery – SR108, SR109,
Local Roads & Community Infrastructure Grant – SR1 Watercourse Road, SR4 Mallawa Road, SR7 Poison Gate Road, SR11 Gingham Road,
SR13 Moloney Road, SR237 Bogamildi Road
Fixing Local Roads (curves, intersections, bridges) – SR1 Watercourse Road, SR108 Burrington Road (Unsealed crews), SR110 Berrigal Creek Road