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Reduce Rubbish and Save

Waste is an issue that affects everybody every day – from the simple choices made when shopping, the way things are used, to the way they are thrown away. Waste has major environmental and economic impacts.

Moree Plains Shire Council is committed to reducing those impacts by providing residents with recycling and waste minimisation services. Reducing your waste is easy; it just takes a little thought:

Avoid waste

  • Use a ‘no junk mail’ sticker on your mail box
  • Avoid disposable products and cling wrap – use containers with lids instead
  • Take a re-usable bag when you go shopping

Reduce waste

  • Choose products with the least packaging
  • Choose recyclable products
  • Buy for durability not disposability - Buy in bulk or concentrated form
  • Plan your food menus and use your leftovers – there are many internet sites that can show you how, for example www.lovefoodhatewaste.nsw.gov.au
  • Think before you print
  • Use both sides when photocopying

Reuse waste

  • Visit local charity shops and give clothes and toys to charity
  • Compost or worm farm at home (The good news is Council’s green food and garden waste bin can take many things you can’t compost at home such as citrus, bread, bones, seafood, chicken, meat and other items that are difficult to compost.)
  • Sell unwanted items at garage sales or online Use the back of old envelopes and shopping dockets for shopping lists

Useful Websites

Living Greener
Clean Up
Planet Ark
Planet Ark - Recycling Near You
Mobile Muster