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Kitchen Caddy for Food Waste

Council offers all residents a kitchen caddy for food waste to make it easier for you to place all food waste into your green lid wheelie bin.

The kitchen caddy comes with a continuous supply of compostable cornstarch bags. The caddy fits neatly on your worktop bench or inside your kitchen cupboard. All food can be placed into your green lid wheelie bin.

All the contents of your green bin is processed into compost. This reduces the amount of organic waste going to landfill and the associated problems including greenhouse gas emissions, leachates and decreasing landfill space.

If you require more compostable cornstarch bags,

Tips on using your kitchen caddy effectively

Place a Council-supplied compostable cornstarch bag in your kitchen caddy. DO NOT use a plastic bag as they don’t break down during the composting process

  • Food waste can be wrapped in newspaper or dropped straight into the cornstarch bag.
  • Fill your kitchen food waste bin with all food waste. This includes meat, bones, seafood, seafood shells, fruit and vegetable scraps, bread, plate scrapings (eg pasta), teabags, coffee grounds and soiled kitchen paper or napkins.
  • Empty your kitchen food waste bin into your green bin as required or every second day.
  • If you already have a compost bin or worm farm at home we encourage you to keep using it. Remember that organic materials that you may not place in your home compost or worm farm (such as meat, bones, citrus, onions or bread) can be placed in your green lid wheelie bin
  • The kitchen food waste bags are made out of cornstarch and therefore break down during the composting process. They are not the same as biodegradable plastic bags.