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What goes in which bin - Waste, Recycling, Food and Organics

Moree Plains Shire Council have adopted a Contamination Policy that outlines the process with repeat offenders that contaminate their co-mingled recycling and food and organic waste bins.

    The ways that bins may be found to have been contaminated are:
  • random bin inspections conducted by Councils staff and/ or Contractor
  • Visible at the Kerbside prior to emptying
  • Visible by the camera located in the garbage trucks hopper

Should the bin be found to be contaminated after the bin has been emptied, details will be recorded of the contaminant/s and premise address on a daily record sheet and a contamination notification sticker will be applied to the appropriate bin along with a letter being sent to the property, informing the resident of what contamination was found and also outline what is acceptable and not acceptable to go into the bin in future. If contamination is found prior to the bin being emptied, the bin will not be collected until the issue has been rectified and the resident has contacted the Waste Hotline.

Should multiple occurrences of contamination occur at the same property, the bin will be removed by a Council Regulatory Enforcement Officer or waste collection contractor and a letter will be sent on behalf of Councils Waste Contractor advising of the service withdrawal for 3 months, contamination history at the property and the dates the previous incidents occurred. In order for the bins to be reinstated after the 3 months, a pledge must be signed agreeing not to contaminate the bin again and additional monitoring and bin inspections will be undertaken. Should the bin/s need to be removed a second time due to contamination there will be no reinstatement of the bin available unless there is a change of ownership/tenant and a Prevention Notice/Infringement Notice may be issued by Councils Regulatory Enforcement Officer.

Items that are accepted in the recycling and green waste bins can be found below or you can download the Moree Councils Waste Services App on your smart phone.

General Waste  Recycling  Organics, Food and Green Waste  Take to Landfill
Bubble wrap Aerosol cans (empty) Bones: from leftover food Batteries - dry cell
Cake trays (foam) Aluminium cans Branches and leaves Batteries - vehicle 
Carbon paper Aluminium foil (Clean) Coffee Grindings Books
Cassette tapes Books Fruit scraps  Car Parts
CD’s Bottles Garden waste Car Windows
Cellophane Beer bottles Food scraps Clothing baskets
Ceramics Bottle tops Grass clippings  Computers
Cereal box inserts Cardboard Kitchen towelling Cooking Oil
Chip packets Cardboard egg cartons Kitty litter DVD players
Cling Wrap film Cereal boxes Leaves  E-Waste
Clothing baskets Computer paper  Manure/animal droppings  Electrical appliances
Clothing/shoes Drink cans Meat scraps Fluorescent tubes
Cups and saucers Cutlery (plastic) Tea bags Gas Bottles
Disposable nappies Foil (clean) Plant cuttings Green waste (excess)
Eye glasses Envelopes Vacuum cleaner dust Kitchen appliances
Foam boxes Food cans Tissues Light bulbs
Foam meat trays Ice cream containers/lids Vegetable scraps Mirror glass
Foam underlay Jars (glass) Weeds Mobile Phones
Glass (other) Jar lids   Motor oil
Laminated paper Juice cartons   Paint tins
Matchboxes Junk mail (remove plastic wrap)   Print Ink Cartridges
Mirror Glass Laundry detergent boxes   Scrap metal
Pens & pencils Magazines   Treated pine
Photos Medicine bottles   Tyres
Picture frames Milk cartons   Videos
Placemats Milk containers (plastic)   Video cassette recorder
Plastic bags Newspapers   Window glass
Plastic strapping Office Paper   Wood/Timber (no nails, untreated)
Plastic wrappers Paper towel roll    
Plate glass Pet food tins (clean)    
Polystyrene Phone books    
Pyrex (ovenware) Pizza boxes (clean)    
Shoes Plastic containers (all kinds)    
Sporting goods Plastic meat/fruit trays    
Styrofoam Shampoo bottles    
Take-away coffee cups Soft drink bottles    
Take-away foam containers Soft drink cans    
Toothpaste tubes Spirit bottles    
Toys Steel cans    
Videos Tetrapaks (juice containers)    
Vinyl (eg. school bags) Tin cans    
Waxed cardboard Toilet paper rolls    
Waxed paper Toothpaste tubes (empty)    
 Wine casks (foil) Wine bottles    
  Wrapping paper    
  Yoghurt containers