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Microbes, Organics, Nutrients and Metals

All the drinking water (potable water) supplied by Moree Plains Shire Council is tested, treated and monitored to ensure that the quality meets the health standards as specified by the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (2011).

Moree Plains Shire Council conducts water quality tests right through the water supply network including supplies from the Macintyre and Barwon Rivers, water pumped from local bores, storages in the reservoirs and Council pipe infrastructure through to when it comes out the tap. Tests are done to ensure safe water is delivered to the community and monitoring is done to assure the effectiveness of Council’s treatment processes.

Water Testing

Water samples are collected in accordance with regulations and sent to NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) the accredited Environmental Testing Laboratory.

To ensure we deliver safe drinking water for the community, Council conducts a number of tests:
Microbial tests - The most common and widespread health risk associated with drinking water is contamination by human or animal faeces which contain pathogenic (disease causing) micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses and protozoa. If we find Escherichia coli (E.coli), coliforms and plate counts this is an indicator of pollution from human or animal waste.