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Moree, The RV Friendly Town

The RV Friendly program is a Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia Limited (CMCA) initiative aimed at assisting recreational vehicle (RV) consumers as they journey throughout Australia. RV’s include motorhomes, campervans and caravans.

Moree is an RV Friendly Town™ and has met a set of guidelines to ensure we provide a certain amount of amenities and a certain level of services for travellers. There are a number of locations around Moree that provides safe and integrated parking for RV travellers and allow them to support local business and tourism in Moree.

There is short-term (24/48/72+ hour) parking within the town centre and long-term parking within 4–20km of the town centre (some areas have small rates).

  • Service centre able to provide basic vehicle repairs
  • Access to potable water
  • Access to 24 hour medical and pharmacy services
  • Access to a dump (sewerage) point at the public toilet facilities at the junction of Webb Avenue and Boggabilla Road on the north side of Moree.

RV Parking in Moree
RV Friendly map

Auburn Street (at the rear of Balo Square Shopping Centre which extends from Gwydir to Albert Street) provides close proximity to a general shopping area supplying groceries and fresh produce and pharmacy access.

Gwydir Street between Balo and Auburn Street. Bank Street near Mary Brand Park, also in the open space near the Albert Street low-level bridge (dry weather use only).

Frome Street at the junction of Balo Street (opposite Kirkby Park) Gosport Street near the Moree Artesian Aquatics Centre.

Alice Street is along the boundary of Jellicoe Park and at the Moree Tourist Information Centre (TIC). The TIC is within one block of the hospital, grocery store and pharmacy.