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Replacing the Noxious Weeds Legislation

The way government, industry and the community manage biosecurity in NSW changed. From 1 July 2017 the NSW Government replaced the Noxious Weeds Act 1993, and 14 other Acts, with a single Biosecurity Act 2015.

Biosecurity is the protection of the economy, environment and community from the negative impacts of pests and diseases, weeds and contaminants.

Why is biosecurity important?

Biosecurity is important because it protects our economy, environment and community from pests, diseases, weeds and contaminants.

Increased global trade, recreational travel and population are some of the factors contributing to increased biosecurity risks. The risks can impact market access both internationally and domestically, the supply of safe food, biodiversity and our social amenity.

In NSW we have over 39,000 agricultural businesses, 42,000 farms and 66,000 people employed in agriculture sector alone. This provides a contribution of over $14 billion to the NSW economy, helping to secure regional growth and deliver on health and education outcomes.

Biosecurity is also important in our environment. Over 39 million people visit our 850 national parks and reserves each year. There are more than 350 species, populations and communities considered to be threatened by the impacts of pest animals across NSW, impacting on the quality of the experience for visitors.

Not only is biosecurity vital for industry, it allows us to enjoy our unique natural landscapes and environments that are the envy of many.