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Moree is located approximately 400 km north west of Newcastle and is situated on the banks of the Mehi River, an effluent stream of the Gwydir River, which is located 5 km north of Moree. The majority of the Moree area is considerably flood-liable with flooding being a common occurrence in the Gwydir-Mehi river system. There are reports of major floods in 1955, 1971, 1974, 1976, 2011and 2012 which inundated the area around Moree for up to 1 ½ days.

Moree’s flood plains are some of its greatest natural assets, but living with the ever present flood risk presents some challenges for all of us. In periods of drought, it is easy to forget that the town was ever subject to flooding. However, history tells us that large floods have occurred, and will occur again.

It is necessary to consider how we will manage our response in the next flood, and the ones after that; preparedness is the key. Having an effective Floodplain Risk Management Plan that brings together all of the stakeholders ensure an appropriate balance to all of the many competing issues. Some of the key decisions we need to make are how we use land, where we develop new housing, how we can help the emergency services help us, and what critical infrastructure is needed.

Each of these issues is dealt with in the Moree & Environs Floodplain Risk Management Plan 2008, which has been drawn up to comply with the State Government’s Flood Policy. Moree Plains Shire Council’s Flood Mapping Atlas, March 2007.

Development Control Plan

The Moree Plains Development Control Plan (DCP) 2013 chapter 7 – Moree and Environs Floodplain Development and Management aims to provide concise, comprehensive guidelines, which will facilitate the expeditious assessment and determination of applications in relation to land within mapped flood planning level or otherwise shown on the flood atlas as subject to inundation; to minimise the risk to life as a result of flood events; to manage the risk to property as a result of flood events; and to inform the community of the risk of flooding.

The purpose of this chapter is to implement and supplement provisions of Clause 7.6 of the Moree Plains Local Environmental Plan 2011 in relation to flood prone land in Moree Plains Shire.