Due to the regulations around the COVID-19 pandemic,
the following Council services are currently suspended/not accessible.

 ❌ No face to face service at the Moree Customer Service Centre
 ❌ Mungindi CTC (including library operations)
 ❌ Toilet Amenities (Exemption Balo Street, Moree)
 ❌ The Dhiiyaan Centre
 ❌ Camping Grounds/Caravan Parks
 ❌ Child Restraint Hire
 ❌ Halls
 ❌ Moree Markets  ❌ Parks/Ovals
 ❌ Big Sky Libraries  ❌ Pools
 ❌ BAMM (Moree Gallery)  ❌ RV Friendly
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Works Report Thursday, 12 March 2020

   Location                                                         |         Work Details  


General town maintenance
Footpath trip hazards – various areas
Mow and wiper snip – town verges
Signs maintenance
Stormwater maintenance
Kerb & gutter cleaning – various areas
Tree removal – Greenbah Road
Frome Street footpath from Banksia Way to Jones Avenue
Empty Bins – Parks, Ovals, Cemetery, Works Depot.
Litter collection – Town verges and carparks

   Construction Projects (RTA Road maintenance)

Asset Inspections – SH12 Gwydir Highway, SH17 Newell Highway & SH28 Carnarvon Highway
Heavy patching and slashing - SH28 Carnarvon Highway
Rest area maintenance - SH12 Gwydir Highway
Pothole repairs - SH12 Gwydir Highway, SH17 Newell Highway

   Unsealed Road Network (Maintenance Grading)

Graders: SR3 Goonal Road, SR8 Moomin Road, SR34 Clarendon Road, SR38 Meroe Road, SR56 Wandoona Road,
SR102 Dolgelly Road, SR103 Nine Mile Road, SR134 Mount Jerrybang Road, SR183 Romaka Road,
SR185 Lairdoo Road
Trucks: MR 507 Carrigan Road and as directed
Excavators: Mungindi Pit, Banyada Pit and 35 Mile Pit

   Sealed Road Network (Pot hole, Heavy Patching & Resealing)

Pot hole repairs of various shire, regional roads and urban streets
Sign and guidepost maintenance - various roads
Drain water - various roads
Water pad Moree depot
Repair Program - MR232 Boonangar Road
SR131 Croppa Moree Road reconstruction R2R Project
Capital Reseals Program - various roads
Inspections - various shire and regional roads
Vegetation control - various roads

   Parks and Open Space Network (CBD Gardens, Parks and Ovals, Villages)

Mowing, snipping and weed spraying – parks, ovals, town entrances, Gateway and villages
Cleaning and maintenance of CBD, irrigation, parks, gardens, playgrounds and town furniture
Parks, canopy lifting of trees
Graffiti removal and litter collection
General town maintenance
Turf wicket preparation & line-marking of ovals
Cemetery maintenance
Tree limb disposal


Maintenance Grade – SR1 Watercourse Road & SR24 Sandholes Road
General town maintenance; litter collection, kerb & gutter cleaning
Weed spraying, mowing and slashing
Garah and Weemelah – maintenance and clean the toilets, mowing, whipper-snipping and weed spraying
Mungindi Park, Oval, Cemeteries and Aerodrome
Weed spraying and mowing
Cemetery maintenance
Mowing parks and oval


General town maintenance
Litter collection
Inspection, sign maintenance, pot holes and edges – MR 507 Carrigan Road, MR 462 Bruxner Way,
MR 232 Boonangar Road, RR 7705 North Star Road and town streets
Mow – Oval, open space and town streets
Slash MR 507 Carrigan Road

   Flood Damage