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Accessing Council Information

Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act)

The aim of the GIPA Act is to provide an open, accountable, fair and effective government. This means that government agencies in NSW are being required to make more information freely available and more processes and documents of Government will be available following an application process.

The GIPA Act applies to all NSW government agencies, including local councils. It requires proactive information disclosure through mandatory publication and authorised release of open 'access information’. The Act also provides for disclosure in response to informal requests and a revised system of response to formal access applications.

Council’s Agency Information Guide allows the public to identify and access government information held by the Council. It contains information about the structure of Council, the functions we are responsible for and how to access the information we hold. You can find Council’s Agency Information Guide here.

There are four ways to access Council information:

Mandatory Release

You can search our website. Certain information must be disclosed on Council's website, free of charge. This includes our policy documents, current publication guide, disclosure log and register of government contracts.

You can review our Policy Register for all Council Policies.
You can review GIPA Act Current Contracts awarded valued at or worth more than $150,000. 

Click here to review the details of these contracts

You can review the Plans of Management for Community Land - Natural Areas and Plans of Management for Community Land - Parks Sportsground General Community Use

Model Code

Part 4 of the Model Code of Conduct for Local Councils in NSW (Model Code) requires a councillor or a designated person to complete and lodge with the general manager a return disclosing his or her pecuniary interests. The following are considered designated persons for the purposes of Part 4 of the Model Code:

You can access a copy of the current Annual Return here or for previous years copies please direct your enquiry to the General Manager’s Office.

Gregory Smith
James Crawford
John Tramby
Katrina Humphries
Kerry Cassells
Michael Montgomery
Stephen Ritchie
Sue Price

Proactive Release

You can ask us what information we will make available to the public, in addition to the information contained on our website. We are encouraged to release as much government information as possible, in an appropriate way and free of charge (or at the lowest reasonable cost).

Informal Request

You can ask for specific information by contacting Council's Customer Service Team on (02) 6757 3222. We are encouraged to release information without the need for a formal access application.

Formal Application:

If you can’t otherwise access your required information, a formal access application under the GIPA Act may be necessary. This might, for example, be needed for large volumes of information that involve extensive searches of Council records or information in relation to third parties which must be consulted prior to release.

As set out in Council’s fees and charges, an application fee applies as well as processing charges.

Contact Council’s Executive Office on 02 6757 3222 for further information.