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Committees of Council

Council also has Committee meetings including:

  • Strategic Asset and Works Committee on the second Thursday of each month;
  • Finance and Governance Committee on the third Thursday of each month;
  • Community Development and Services Committee on the fourth Thursday of each month.

In addition to these Committees, Councillors nominate each year to become a delegate of a number of other committees including:


Committee Name

Appointed Delegates until September 2020


Section 355


Ashley Centenary of Federation Community Hall Committee Councillor Montgomery
Boomi Pool Management Committee Councillor Montgomery
Boomi Memorial Hall Committee Councillor Montgomery 
Garah Public Hall Committee Councillor Humphries 
Gurley Hall Committee Councillor Tramby 
Gwydir Daycare and Preschool Parents Committee Councillor Tramby 
Moree Youth Council Councillor Cassells 
Mungindi Aged Care Committee Councillor Price 
Mungindi Showground and Racecourse Committee Councillor Price 
Mungindi Youth Council Councillor Price
Pallamallawa War Memorial Hall Committee Councillor Smith 
Weemelah Public Hall Management Committee Councillor Price 

External Committees

Australian Rural Roads Group Councillor Price 
Bushfire Management Councillor Tramby
Councillor Smith
Joint Regional Planning Panel ‚Äď Northern Councillor Montgomery
Councillor Ritchie
Alternate: Councillor Humphries 
Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail Alliance Councillor Price 
Moree and District Chamber of Commerce Councillor Chiu 
Moree Art Gallery Board Councillor Humphries
Moree Reconciliation Group Councillor Cassells
Councillor Humphries
Northern Inland Weeds Advisory Committee Councillor Smith 
Rural Fire Service District Liaison Committee Councillor Tramby
Councillor Crawford 
Saleyards Committee Councillor Ritchie
Councillor Chiu 
Tourism Moree Board Councillor Crawford 

Advisory Committee

Boggabilla Crime Prevention Committee Councillor Cassells 
Floodplain Risk Management Committee Councillor Tramby
Councillor Humphries 
Moree Community Safety Committee Councillor Tramby
Councillor Cassells
Councillor Chiu 
Mungindi Crime Prevention Committee Councillor Price 
Reconciliation Action Plan Committee Councillor Ritchie
Councillor Humphries 
Councillor Cassells
Road Network Consultative Group  Councillor Price
Councillor Tramby
Councillor Smith
Councillor Crawford
South Moree Community Action Committee Councillor Cassells 
Urban Advisory Committee Councillor Tramby
Councillor Cassells
Councillor Ritchie 

Multi-Operational Committee

Big Sky Libraries Committee

Moree and District War Memorial Education Centre (Trust) as per the applicable legislation

Councillor Tramby 
Councillor Crawford

Border Regional Organisation of Councils Councillor Ritchie 
Local Traffic Committee Councillor Crawford 
Moree and District War Memorial Education Centre (Trust) Councillor Tramby 
New England Group of Councils Councillor Humphries
North-West Weight of Loads Committee Councillor Montgomery
Alternate: Councillor Ritchie 
Country Mayors  Councillor Humphries
Newell Highway Task Force  Councillor Humphries 

Operational Committee

Internal Audit Committee  Councillor Humphries
Councillor Crawford
Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre Limited Board Councillor Sue Price
Councillor Greg Smith
Councillor Stephen Ritchie
General Managers' Performance Review All Councillors