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Community Strategic Plan

Community_Strategic_Plan_2032.pngOur Moree Plains - Our Vision to 2032

The purpose of the Moree Plains Shire Community Strategic Plan is to identify the community’s main priorities and aspirations for the future and plan strategies to achieve them. These strategies need to take into consideration the issues that may affect the community and the level of resources that will realistically be available.

The State Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting framework allow councils to build plans of appropriate size, scale and content for their communities. As each community is different, each council’s Community Strategic Plan will be different. The important thing is that our Community Strategic Plan is fit for purpose and appropriate to our community.

In 2016, we worked with the community to identify priorities for the future of our community and as a result,  Moree Plains 2027 - Your Shire. The Plan. Our Future was endorsed.

Following Council elections in December 2021, we revisited our vision and long-term goals and objectives – leading us to Our Moree Plains - Our Vision to 2032.

The End of Term Report 2021 reports on how we delivered on the goals and objectives over the past Council term (2017-2021) in our Community Strategic Plan: Moree Plains 2027 – Your Shire. The Plan. Our Future.

The Statement of Environment Report 2021 reports on state-wide key environmental indicators and trends over the past Council term for Moree Plains Shire and Narrabri Shire local government areas.

 Previous Community Strategic Plan