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Heritage Advisory Service and Financial Assistance

Moree Plains Shire Council appointed a Heritage Advisory Committee in 2004 to assist both Council and residents in the conservation and management of heritage listed items. The Heritage Advisory Service can provide preliminary advice to applicants and property owners in the LGA on heritage matters and assist with heritage related development applications. This service is generally free. Council’s Heritage Advisor visits once every second month.

Advice can include information on: renovation, redevelopment, colour schemes, extensions, verandahs, awnings and fences as well as more comprehensive advice on the integration of new development in older or conservation areas.

Council's Heritage Advisor also includes (but not limited to) the following services:

  • Work with Council to develop and deliver a Heritage Strategy.
  • Ensure effective statutory management of heritage and provide advice to Council on Development Applications, Part 5 Applications and Planning Proposals involving heritage items draft/potential heritage items and Heritage Conservation Areas;
  • Provide professional advice to the community on heritage related issues and work with key stakeholder groups;
  • Initiate research and studies for improved heritage management and produce heritage reports and other heritage documentation as required;
  • Promote incentives, including grants and funding for heritage;
  • Assist Council in managing its heritage assets; and
  • Establish, in consultation with the local library and historical society, the collection of heritage resource material, including photographs, to assist heritage management and promotion in the area.

Financial Assistance and Grants for Heritage Buildings

Each year, Moree Plains Shire Council, with assistance from the Heritage Branch of the Office of Environment and Heritage, offers small grants to property owners for maintenance works on older buildings in the Local Government Area.

This grant funding is used as an incentive to assist property owners of heritage listed items that are identified in the Moree Plains Local Environmental Plan 2011 and encourage as much positive work on heritage items in the area as possible.

Projects funded through this program may include (and not be limited to): conservation works and maintenance works projects; adaptive reuse projects; urban design projects that support heritage; interpretation projects; and conservation management plans.

Projects that are normally funded include:

  • Repairing walls, verandahs, windows or roof plumbing on older buildings,
  • Repairing or reconstructing traditional front fences or other boundary work to protect older houses or sites, and
  • Repairing and conserving older buildings, historic remnants or grave sites.